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As developers ourselves, we understand the problems that can interrupt the smooth flow of development. These products are aimed
squarely at improving the lot of the developer.

Code Compare

A revolution in source file comparisons!
Find out where source files really differ
No more time wasted on files where the changes are cosmetic
For C#, C, C++, VB, VBScript and HTML

Scribe for VBScript

Find typos before you run the code. You no longer have to guess where the error was!
Scribe's syntax check pinpoints the problems for you.
Improve the quality of scripts.
Scribe carries out a best practices check, as well as highlighting unsafe code.
Get the power of VB's type checking in VBScript!
Scribe's clever mechanism for specifying types means more checking, earlier, so your scripts work faster by verifying the usage of
COM interface properties and methods!