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Colin and Alistair Grant established GT Software Ltd in 1987 to develop a real-time back office portfolio valuation system running on the Windows platform. This successfully made use of primitive networks to transfer information between a server and its clients. The underlying access through NetBIOS was developed in house and licensed successfully; it proved to be flexible enough to power a distributed ray-trace graphics system.

Subsequently, GT Software Ltd moved in to providing consultancy for real-time embedded C developments like DECT (Digitally Enhanced Cordless Technologies) cordless phone systems, Formula 1 engine calibration, set top box browsers and many more. The systems had very real restrictions on processing power and storage space, but still went on to pass stringent conformance and reliability tests.

As Windows has developed, GT Software Ltd has provided consultancy to enable the power of COM components for its clients. The bespoke objects handle anything from a user interface to business logic or communications.

In parallel, GT Software Ltd has a deep interest in the evolving Java technologies and keeps abreast of the developments.

Colin and Alistair still lead GT Software Ltd, each with their own expertise that can help to provide your company with the solutions.